Motivation and information are two of the biggest factors when dealing with anything business or personal.

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Well, we all suffer from it, some worse than others. Don’t we? Staying motivated is difficult at times, even for the best of us and even in the best of situations. Throw in rough waters, “crossroads of life” dilemmas, and even the strongest willed can become paralyzed from the demons inside. “What abouts” and “what ifs” can be the most justifiable and logical reasons to lose motivation. I’m sure that whatever is sapping your drive (or mine…heck look how long it’s been since my last post!) is very important and needs to be taken seriously and all that crap, but really what is happening is the enemy is using these tools to rob us of joy. That’s right…JOY! Stealing, diluting or squelching joy is what the enemy’s goal in negating what God’s greatest gift is to each of us, and that’s to live lives full of joy.

“But Rick, why…

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